About us

About us

From decades of experience in the laboratory, we developped a software created by technicians for technicians.
Easy to use and ready to meet any need that a lab can ask for

Since the store's opening, you relyon managerial that optimize yor work. But soon after you realise that there are some essential functions that a software house cannot know and they are missing. During the lockdown we had a period of lower customer turnout, so we decided to used out time to create a software perfect for laboratories. We needed some features that nobody was offering, and that is how Fixhub Gest is born

With the help of Several colleagues were looking for a better managerial We have developped a software that can meet all the needs of a technicians. From the customer's receipt to the SMS, Email and Whatsapp alerts; Fixhub was created for technicians also by using third-party technologies to improve the search in the site, control on Imei and Serial Number.
The development goes on without interruptions to bring new functions to the managerial and make sure that mpthing is missing to those who use it.

Ad Agosto 2022 abbiamo abbandonato lo sviluppo della versione 1.00 (attualmente gratuita e senza supporto) per passare in CLoud ed avere un nuovo layout e nuove funzioni per tutti e sopratutto mantenere lo stesso prezzo. Tra le novità aggiunte di recente, il segno di sblocco grafico per i dispositivi Android e la possibilità di farsi pagare le riparazioni direttamente dal link inviato al cliente in fase di apertura dell'assistenza.

Un programma per la gestione del laboratorio che si prende cura dei clienti, riparazioni
And it makes life easier To the provider.

Main features

How does a management software help you? Repairs, warranties and customers management is no longer a problem with Fixhub
Send to the customer the link to follow the repair online. they can also interact with the technician in case they need information
Admin Panel - always available
The control panel always at hand. The managerial in the cloud that allows you to manage repairs even when you are not in the store. You can contact customers, check repair status in real time, and manage warehouse parts.
Statistics on receipts and repairs
Check in real time the activity of the technicians, the productivity of the laboratory and the cash point. You can filter repairs by brand and model, by device type or by the technician who did the work. A single managerial that carries out the activities for you
delivery and appointments calendar
Choose when to accept the date of return of the device, make appointments with customers and suppliers. Your managerial calendar will notify you in time for each commitment you have. It automatically handles postdated payments.